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A PEANUT SAT… with the ant family marching through. Where’s Grandpa?


  • This site is for everyone who loves singing with children. It can serve as a guide for those just getting started with music programs for preschoolers or early grades.

  • This site is also to showcase some of the children’s books that I’ve created through many years, including those that I’ve used in my music classes. I’m beginning the process of marketing them for publication.

  • I am a collector of children’s books and children’s music from about 1920 on. No, I’m not that old! I just happened to have a Great, Great Aunt, Marcia Dalphin, who was a children’s book librarian in Rye, NY. When I was young, she encouraged my reading and sent me many of her favorites. She edited story collections too. Most young children are visual learners, so I use illustrated song picture books in all of my music classes. I own about 300.

  • I am also passionate about the environment with an MS in Natural Resources and work experiences in land use planning and non-point pollution studies. Many of my songs, picture books and middle grade writing follow natural world themes.

  • Read on and enjoy. Contact me with any questions or comments. “Hocus-Pocus, Dominocus, Poof…..” What is under my magic hat today?

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