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PRE-PUBLISHED MANUSCRIPTS BY MARCIA DALPHIN WILLIAMS 4/19 Reviewed by SCBWI writer’s group members. Copyright 1990 – 2019.

Dinosaur Warren – A picture book about Grandparents, Warren, and Gracie. Gracie calls Warren a dinosaur as he writes letters with a pen, can’t work the remote, and can’t find computer files.  Warren decides it must be true and becomes that dinosaur, much to the delight of the grandkids when they come for a visit. (577 words)

Do You Love the Spider? – A meadow story about the dew fairy that drops doilies on spiders’ webs to show them she loves them.  In turn, this allows the other complaining meadow creatures like dragonfly, wasp, and ant, to avoid some of the webs.  She loves them too. (250 words)

Captain Bunny – Marcy Downe lives in Wells, Maine and has adventures around her room with a snow tube boat and her favorite French rabbit.  She goes on a business trip with her father to Paris and leaves Captain Bunny on a beach.  Back home without her favorite friend, she throws a bottle into the ocean with a valentine for Bunny and sings “Bring back, oh bring back, oh bring back my bunny to me, to me…” (Picture story book, 1700 words)

Nellie’s Home in the Mailbox – Nellie is a spider that makes webs in a family’s mailbox, reads their mail, and has some run-ins with the rural mail carrier.  Humor and the natural life cycle of a spider are displayed throughout the story. (802 words)

Flying Felipe and the Giants – An independent minded flying squirrel finds himself inside a human home with a little boy, a little girl and a mom.  Will he escape to tell his own mother about his adventures? (760 words)

Cooper’s Chocolate Milk – Cooper and Mom walk around the farm. Cooper insists that chocolate milk comes from a brown cow, strawberry ice cream comes from a pink pig, and red candy hearts come from a red rooster.  This is a story about colors, working together, and the “magic word”.  The idea was from a four-year old in one of my classes who declared, “chocolate milk comes from a brown cow!” (256 words)

Grandma’s Lucky Clover – This is a story about the love of a grandmother, mother, and granddaughter. Gabby and Mama are cleaning out Grandma’s house because she has moved to a nursing home. Gabby finds a four leaf clover in Grandma’s picture album and wants to bring her a new one. Gabby and Mama retrace the search that Grandma and Mama used to do every Sunday when Mama was a little girl. They travel down the road to a meadow and must sing the four lines of the song “I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover” to find a lucky clover. They need it badly when Grandma’s cat disappears. (800 words)

September Surprise – Punkin and Daddy take a long walk down the Vermont road, looking for evidence of the changing seasons. Punkin notices many clues like a mouse hiding in a pumpkin, a wooly bear caterpillar, a chipmunk storing acorns in the woodpile, and ducks gathering in the wetland. Daddy can’t see them. He only sees the surprise waiting for Punkin when they return home. (Thumbnails completed)

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The Great Dragon Rescue – Dragon burns his wagon wheels; flips the wagon over; sails it as a boat; swamps an island band; and must perform a delicate rescue using a trombone. (This is a novelty book under construction with flip-ups and sliders; 160 words)

A Merry Chipmunk Christmas – Chipmunk uses up his winter food supplies while waiting up for Santa. The neighborhood barred owl also waits, keeping a close eye on Chipmunk. Chipmunk learns about sharing, but can’t quite remember the magical night.

Full Moon Frolic –  Animal neighbors and a family home erupt in noise and dance when no-one can sleep during the full, super moon.


A Peanut Sat – The old scouting song is illustrated in a 32-page format with ink and watercolor. Multiple verses feature healthy foods and what they turn into when smashed.  The food characters are cartoon drawings that dive into a railroad boxcar of the finished food, such as “some peas sat on a railroad track, together in a group (inside a pod). Around the bend came number ten, “toot, toot” split pea soup.  The book is designed as a count down from ten to one with many opportunities for children to count objects.  It is a nice educational extension in March for national healthy food month and national peanut month.

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Betsy Can Catch the Sun – Toddler Betsy comes downstairs and tries to catch the sunbeams in the kitchen. Each animal in the household shows her how to catch the sun.  She and her mom look together at the eclipse when the sun runs away. Betsy does catch the sun in her own unique way.  Illustrations are realistic drawings with colored pencil and pastels.

Bananas for Bear – A rhymed alphabet book and song about a very dry summer (composed by the author) when Bear comes down to find people food in a birdfeeder, compost pile, and on the basketball court.  Once fed, he settles happily in an old blowdown right near the family’s driveway, much to their consternation. Illustrations are ink outlines with colored pencil and pastel.


The Kingdom of eX – Animals made extinct by humankind wait in the Kingdom for their old habitats on Earth to be ready for living again. STEM lover, 7th grader, Corey, and his friend, Suki, brave quantum space travel to help them stave off an invasion by poachers. They also need the help of an indigenous girl from the time of the last wooly mammoth who confronts her own challenges. They must return to give all animals a voice on earth. Yet, one is left behind. (42,000 words)

The Dumplings – Lost and waiting patiently at the Town Dump, two stuffed animals are adopted and proceed on a cross country adventure from Maine to the Pacific. Then, their original owner wants them back. A story of love and rewards in two different cultures. (25,600 words)

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Watercolors, Sketches, and Acrylic

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